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Looking for members interested in leo. Also looking for civilians. Start your story today!

Join us for realistic roleplay.

Need the following positions filled:
• Civilians
• Business Owners
• Captain for SAFD
• Applicants for BCSO & SAFD


If you are or someone you know want to help a new server grow and join our BCSO then check us out - more departments will be available later with more people. Friendly, mature staff, looking for civilians as well. Realistic roleplay is strictly promoted here. Drama free environment… check us out!

Still actively advertising, looking for members to fill most positions and more. Civilians, Leo, Fire/EMS, and more. Check us out!

Looking for civilians, leos, fire captain and more. Apply today.

Looking for members interested in playing civilian, leo, fire and more. Realistic roleplay, check us out.

We are back in business!
After a year from the first run, we went back into the game with a team of active staff members to insure everything goes smooth. If you are interested in realistic DOJ based RP. What are you waiting for? Join us!


The community is great. Need more civs though.


I 100% agree with you. Good start, but can definitely use some life from civilians in the community!

Note: 5/3/2021

We are currently taking applications in for Chief of Police. If you have prior experience in LE, in RP or IRL and are interested in running your own department as you want, with some rules behind that - feel free to apply. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in our discord. I will leave the link to the form here directly.

LSPD Chief Form


Just a disclaimer that isn’t listed. For the FD Chief thing they want people 18+ no matter experience. Not bashing on the server, but I had joined and I personally have 3-4+ years running
FDs. I told them this and they said that they didn’t care, gotta be 18+. I asked them if they wanted proof and I was told,“No, gotta be 18 plus… no exceptions”

Hey, yeah unfortunately due to previous events, we had to make a 18+ rule for department heads. I understand you are not the same as the people that ruined it for others who are not quite at that age but may have the experience and motivation to successfully run a department. If we were to make an exception for one person, we’d have to do it for others. I appreciate the comment and will edit the post to make it clear about the age requirement for Department head positions.