Top Notch weapon shop

Weapon Shop Design :exclamation:

Boost you’re FiveM server with my premium Script designs! As a passionate young graphic designer, I’m excited to offer you my high quality weaponshop script design.

What’s Included:

Weaponshop Interface

  • Sleek and user-friendly.
  • So new players understand it.
  • dynamic and clean layout.
  • A 30% discount code for you’re next purchase!


Enhance your FiveM experience with our premium designs! All our paid releases feature a uniform UI, ensuring a seamless and cohesive look across all your purchases.

Plus, enjoy a 30% discount on your next purchase with the included discount code. Stand out with top-tier designs that bring your game to the next level!

Get it here 10% discounted!
(here you can also find my other releases.)

Reddesigns support

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Could you post a video of what it looks like using it ingame? And what the config looks like too?

Also, you are missing the template:

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I think thats only a design, not script…

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I mean, its stated in the title with a big red exclamation mark next to it so yea :wink:

You are a thief, Im reporting all of your stolen UI designs


Proof was given to who it needed to be given to, that’s why his other 3 posts were unlisted