Tombstone RP

Tombstone RP is an up and coming roleplaying community focused on providing a unique place for players to tell their stories. We strive to provide an environment that encourages building friendships and providing good times, leaving drama and toxicity behind. We look to provide the best for our players and with our lovely development team have crafted a RedM server dedicated to providing features and quality rp to fully immerse yourself. It has taken two and a half months to build this server and we are coming to a head, planning to launch in late July 2020. Below are some features and whitelisted jobs we are taking applications for. More information and updates can be found at our discord link below!

Server Features:

-Several massive quality of life changes from easy emote selection to
-Gold panning
-Moonshine making and running
-Store robberies
-Bank robberies
-buyable properties (mostly done thru RP)
-Ownable businesses (mostly done thru RP)
and many more…

Now hiring hire for several whitelisted jobs no experience needed! Positions open include…
-Several sheriff deputy spots
-Wapiti Indian Chief
-wapiti Indians

Thank you for your time spent reading this! We hope to launch in Late July so stop on by to get familiar and join us in our adventure to make an strong community for years to come!