Tombstone RP | RedM| Serious RP

Tombstone RP is a RedM server that is close to being released to the public. My mission for this server is to provide a place where people can RP freely and have fun. We are not a streamer friendly community and we do not make special requests for people. We are looking to grow our community and also looking for Staff and Developers to push our server out of development and into production.


  • Salty Chat
  • Working Stables
  • Working gun Stores
  • Working trains
  • Working general Stores
  • Jobs: Hunting, Wood chopping, mining, wagon deliveries Etc…

We are also looking for people to be the roles of Medical Board leader along with, Deputies. If you would like to be apart of out community and help us in some way please make your way to out discord and look around. We thank you in advanced. For any developers if you join please message me on discord when you enter the Discord. I am the owner of the discord.


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Discord link Invalid

Yeah please make a new one @Nick_Carlson . I just wanna RP but the server is blocking me from joining the discord and it doesn’t give me a TS pop-up in-game either ;(

Discord link is fixed, we can help you with TS when you get in the server my friend