TidalRP | Community Based | Balanced Economy | Lots of Custom Content | Progression | Clean UI

Tidal Roleplay

Hi everyone, I’ve been working on my server for the past year as a solo developer passion project. The server is in a really stable state and wanted to start bringing people in to experience it.
I want this server to be a experience and I want to help people develop their roleplay over time by giving them in game tasks and things to do. I’ve got lots of big things planned
and I want to build a community that will grow with the server as new content gets added. I am currently doing weekly big updates / small daily patches. There is tons to explore as everything is not
obvious to you on the map, There is certain aspects of the world where you will need to find NPC’s to talk to, to acquire the tools necessary to progress. Don’t worry there is still tons of things on
the GPS you can see and that is all the main things like jobs, police departments, Hospital and many shops. All the systems in the server are thought out. I want to reward players for good roleplay and will do with in game events and storylines that me and some other admins would love to create for people I welcome you all to come join the community.

We are currently looking to fill alot of the roles on the server for managers and welcome anyone to join as we are un-whitelisted.

How to Join :-

Discord: TidalRP

Website: http://tidalrp.com/index.php

Server: TidalRP │ Balanced Economy │ Community Driven │ No Whitelist │ TidalRP.com / Cfx.re


Custom Buildings and areas
Clean User Interface
Immersive experience
Serious Roleplay
Custom Cars
Fully Equipped PD
Fully Equipped EMS
Judge, Lawyers and Mayor’s
Balanced Economy
Trusted Admins
Custom Jobs - Plenty of Job choices to take with tons of custom jobs (PD, EMS, Lawyer, Judge, Resturants, Player Market Stools, Taxi, Garbage, Trucker, Real Estate, Car Dealer, Mechanic, Fishing and many more)
Car Dealer with vehicle financing
Thought out crime jobs and heists (House Robbery, Bank Robbery, Vin Scratching and many more)
Custom Clothes
Multiple Characters
Apartments and Houses
Custom Crafting
House Decoration
Player and Server Events
and tons more to explore

Some Photos From Our Community