Thornvale Roleplay - RECRUITING


Thornvale Roleplay is a server that provides members with the best law enforcement gameplay possible. Aside from the custom cars, properties, and the advanced gameplay systems we have implemented, we are a server that consists of off-duty police officers, military members (active and retired), and civilian gamers looking for a realistic law enforcement gaming experience.

In the months to come, we will be expanding our server to feature more jobs and emergency roles. But until then, we are recruiting members for roles in both the Blaine County Sheriffs Office as well as the San Andreas State Police. Both departments are actively recruiting and have plenty of opportunities for advancement up the chain of command.

If you are interested in joining our server or completing a ride-along to see what we’re about, feel free to join our Discord by clicking HERE and following the instructions once on our Discord.

We look forward to having you,

Zach - Thornvale RP Staff
San Andreas State Police
Deputy Commissioner


Amazing Server

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Thanks @FnKnifeHand for the support!

This server offers serious RP like they say and is a fun group of people to relate to.

Solid crew, solid team! Come be apart of something great!

Thank you @kad3m0n and @Cody_Blackford

We are still recruiting! Members that sign up within the next 24 hrs will get an exclusive vehicle as a bonus!


Join us tonight for a ride-along! Click the Discord link above!

Looking for a new realistic LEO RP server? We’re actively recruiting! Click here if interested in learning more about our departments and subdivisions!

Great news, with the recent promotion of one of our Troopers to Captain, Sergeant positions have become available. If your looking for a server that is tight-knit, fun but also realism centered then Thornvale Roleplay is the one for you. We welcome anyone to join!

Go into this weekend with a new realistic server. Thornvale is a tight-knit military-operated server. Many of our members are former military and current first responders. Join today!

Server Updated: New car packs for State and BCSO, EUP Items added (vests, new uniforms), new callout packs added, and lastly installed a handheld speed radar added.

Expired Discord :slight_smile:

Discord link has been adjusted :slight_smile: