This is one the best cities

This is one of the better cities out here.

I was wary when I saw some things regarding crafting levels, admins, etc.

But after over 132 hours in this server, I’ve yet to see it. The crafting is easy to level, as the output of materials is matched to the pace of the crafting. The administrators, whoever they are, I don’t think I’ve met them.

I love the dyanmics of the player driven economy as the players have to self generate the services provided. There is no “poof” mechanic in this server. You will have to make every drink, food, and item.

One thing I really like is a rob/kill restriction. You will remember every robbery for further RP down the line. So gear fear minimalized.

Honestly, you’ll have to experience it for yourself. The base community is really stable and you can tell the developers really care about trying to make balance in regards to gameplay but also with overall bugfixing.

I highly recommend this server.


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