They need to take community suggestions here.

decent enough server and friendly staff from what i have seen personally and very high quality roleplayers but I have read through the reviews here a few things stick out as true. I have been here from almost the start. Sadly I will start playing here part time when I know this could have been an ace server.

#1 Its a community server with no community suggestions channel. Without any input from the community I feel like frustrated players just leave Instead of growing with the server.

2 Designed to be very very grindy. Most crims just bang out robberies all the other crimes are petty cash compartively. They ignore so many cool activities like boosting or scrapping or fencing stolen goods because the money is all in one or two activities for crims. Rinse and repeat playstyle makes burnout happen.

#3 game breaking glitches that have not been fixed, Its been ages and simple glitches like people being locked in there apartments and unable to access them untill a 12 hour restart have not been fixed the entire time i have been here. I have also seen many other inventory glitches where people items vanish or degrade.

4 Some end game weapons criminal stuff seems almost impossible to find out unless you were here from the start.


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