There got to be a better way to reset server and test code

I have been resetting my server and coding a L O T and there has to be a better way to restart with a command, a batch file, voodoo rituals…

Here is what i do in loop

1- scripting
2- delete cache //if i dont delete cache i dont have to start the server twice… session manager is flawless but im never sure if the latest code is active or not and it can make big difference in the way you will go with your code
3- run server
4- close server imediately
5- run server again to fix the “session manager error at login”
6- seeing result or not ingame
goto 1 //GW Basic coco2 flashback… :slight_smile:

What? Why? You do know restart <resource> exists, right?

start <resource> -- start a resource 
stop <resource> -- stop a resource
restart <resource> -- well, you get th idea 

yes… but i run vrp framework and ME… i create my own world now (was using fx psycho edit at first)…

i did not knew you could restart the framework…

if you mean changing like frfuel while in vrp… changing frfuel i would restart the resource but changing something from the main platform while in it… i did not had the ballz

EDIT: oh… and what about the cache and the latest changes made to your code… then why do we really need to erase the cache is becoming the question if start is powerful enough.

I’ve used the restart command many times when coding myself and, I’ve never had an issue with the cache.

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in that case that is great freakin’ news my friend… you just up’ed my productivity by 10% which is awesome

I will go try that right now

Admittedly, I didn’t know that was a thing either. Thanks!

icecon, log in and “restart resourcenamehere” the specific resources you need to. Most restarts don’t require a full server restart.

A bit late, don’t ya think? Also, this was already mentioned by @Havoc

Gotta love the “just to be a dick” comments. They really make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. It’ll be helpful to someone, I don’t have an issue recommending icecon specifically.

Lol, being a dick?

There is just no need to answer in threads which were solved months ago…

You’re still going on about this? There’s additional info I posted to help anyone else who will have the same question and need a little more info, as if that’s a bad thing. You’re literally paroling topics to confront people, you weren’t even involved in the topic to begin with. At least me commenting contributes. Just relax…breathe.

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