TheIvaneh Network | 25+ Gamemodes, Freeroam, & Procedurally Generated Races!

Created by our team of skilled developers, our FiveM server brings together everything we love through action-packed game modes, high-octane procedurally generated races, and a curated free roam sandbox. We have worked so hard to produce this project since 2018, and we’re privileged to share it with everyone. From the unstoppable chaos of QUB3D and the intense heat of Busted, these experiences bring the whole community together through unique, bespoke gameplay that is impossible to find elsewhere.


  • Fully fletched out party system which allows you and your friends to play together, such as being placed on the same team in every gamemode.
  • Fully fletched out property system in Freeroam, which allows you to customize your cars, sort them to your liking, and invite friends to your property.
  • Exclusive lore-friendly vehicles found only in our server, designed by WildBrick142.
  • Progression system featuring player levels and vehicle levels. The further you progress, the more modifications you unlock for your vehicles and other features.
  • Unlockables system. The further you progress, the more features you unlock.
  • Login bonus for logging in to the server every day.
  • Character Creator, allowing you to customize your character to your liking.
  • Supporters (Members) are able to host their own servers and play gamemodes or Freeroam. They can choose whether or not to make their servers public or private.
  • Achievements. By unlocking them, you earn XP.
  • Proximity Voice Chat, Global Chat, Team Chat, and Party Chat.
  • Tournaments.


• Server IP:
• Website:
• Discord:

Gamemodes (Jan. 2022)

  • Avalanche
  • Blow In
  • Bomb Runners
  • Bomberman
  • Busted
  • Color Dash
  • Deadline
  • Death From Above
  • Dropshot
  • Each Bullet Counts
  • Fallout
  • Field Goal
  • Hopper
  • Infected
  • King Of The Target
  • Prop Hunt
  • QUB3D
  • Race Royale
  • Speed Demolition Derby
  • Spike Attack
  • Sumo Pit
  • Survive The Tank
  • Tag
  • Target Rush
  • The Weakest Link
  • Tile Breaker
  • Trouble In Terrorist Town

Races (Jan. 2022)

  • Beat The Bomb Races
  • Lap Knockout Races
  • Speedtrap Races
  • Stash The Cash Races
  • Contact/Non-Contact Street
  • Time Attack Races


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Best server ever. Nothing else like it