The Show Rookie Debranded Vehicles

Ok i wanted to bring up somthing so body shapes are now allowed nor are brands with even debranding them.
Well if you take a look at popular shows they debrand the vehicles and dont change anything about the body styles just to fit a cop car. so with the logic cfx fivem has said “the show rookie could be sued with the points that are in the tos”

ik its a show and all but the laws would apply to them to even tho there parody of irl cops thats kinda what fivem rp is played out to as well

Sweet Cthulhu, I am so sick of this argument.

Let me explain this, again.

It’s not about the law. It’s about the rules established by CitizenFX and Rockstar Games. Rules. Not laws.

You can argue all you want about what TV shows do, about Fair Use, about what you feel is right. At the end of it all, CitizenFX and Rockstar Games make the rules.

Oh, what was that? Your server, your property, your rules?

Wrong. It’s CitizenFX and Rockstar Games that control the network on which your server participates. Their rules. Their property.

Your move.

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i never claimed my server my rules im just pointing something out and rockstar has ripped of so many irl body shapes yes they look somewhat the same as the irl counter part but there really isnt much of a differance.
Im just having a converstaion no need for the rude commenent

So I just want to shed some light on this, and prove to everyone that using badged vehicles does not violate copyright laws…

Trademark infringement is the unauthorized use of a trademark in a way that would likely confuse or deceive customers as to the source or origin of the connected goods or services.

For example, making electronic gadgets and stamping Apple’s recognizable fruit-shaped logo onto your products would be fairly obvious trademark infringement. Customers would likely be confused about the origin of the goods, and you would essentially be profiting from the goodwill that Apple has generated over many decades.

Put differently, consumers would mistakenly buy your product assuming it was the “real” Apple product. In such a situation, Apple could sue for trademark infringement. Not only could it win a court order requiring you to stop infringing on their mark, but it could also win money damages.

So with this being said we’re not making real cars that could confuse people and mislead them into thinking they are the same exact car. We are simply advertising for the vehicle manufacturers.

If you think I am lying about this, read here>>>

That is the same reason why movies can use vehicles without covering up their logo’s, and why t-shirt companies can use their logo’s on t-shirts, because THEY’RE Advertising for the companies. :wink:

See above.

Rules are rules. I don’t care how much you spent on all those car models.

And when they both get sued, they’ll think twice about their “Rules”, simply because no one is violating any copyright, or trademark laws… LOL

If this eases everyone’s minds, sign here>>>

Recently, Rockstar has imposed restrictions on the use of badged vehicles in FIVE M, which directly affects us and infringes upon our rights as users.

It was not “recently.” These rules have always been in place. CitizenFX just did not have the power to enforce these rules. Rockstar Games certainly does.

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He man were just having a discussion there is not a need to keep pushing your messages we get it boss man

Yes, we were having a discussion. You posted. I responded. Now you want me to stop because you do not like what I have to say.

Too bad. It’s called an opinion.

never said that

TOS and copyright is not something that changes from an online petition. Every use case is unique and dependent on many factors that aren’t decided until they are in front of a judge. There’s also appearance of endorsement beyond your initial fraud argument.

I get it, copyright and fair use is difficult and complex. But the guidelines of how a company allows you to use their private platform is not and you cannot sue a company because you don’t like their rules if they aren’t infringing a protected class of rights, like racism, sexism, etc. that apply to private businesses.