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What are we?

The Roleplayers is a small, new server with big potential to reach to tops of FiveM servers. We are a whitelisted community that aims to be serious and realistic, meaning we try to keep everything with the lore of San Andreas and the rest of the Grand Theft Auto Metaverse.

Our Goal

Our goal is to grow a large enough community so you could say our name and no one would need to question what we are. We are slowly moving forward in development as I - Jajar 'am the only developer. At the moment I am thriving for at least 500 active community members.

What do we offer?

Of course we offer an amazing roleplay server for you and your friends to play on, maybe even expand and live stream your unique experience to the world! We offer a home for everyone - Streamers, developers, Police Officers, Criminals even Jani

Some of our core game features include

  • Many new custom vehicles and modifications to existing ones
  • Passive income jobs and methods
  • Amazing heist system for criminals
  • Jail tasks, so you don’t get bored even within the Prison walls
  • Custom clothing and props
  • Seasonal events, Halloween, Christmas and others
  • Realistic Handling for vehicles, bikes and aircraft
  • Realistic economy with Tax we know everyone hates it, but its realistic…
  • There are many more little hidden features you’ll have to find in character


Some pictures me and the Tester team have taken

Want to join us?

Well we are happy to take you onto our community.

We don’t have any forums or crazy website so our discord is our main media platform. All links and info you need to get started as a new member will be in the discord, and feel free to ask any questions in the support channels.

Click the image!!

Are you a Developer?

Since starting this community, I am still the sole developer of the server. That being said whether it is - Programming, Mapping, Audio Development, Vehicle developing or just Moderating, we’re always looking for skilled people to help out in the community, currently we are just a team of 3-4, but you could say it’s just me - Jajar.

If you think you can bring something to this community, whether it being Development, Bug Testing or even Investing (Financial support). Feel free to message me in Discord or here on the forums (@JajarGaming)

Before doing anything, please understand that this is a community effort and do no contact me with paid offers or negotiations of any sort of pay. This is against FiveM TOS and we do not encourage it nor have interest in this type of work.

Thanks for taking your time and reading this forum post, even a read helps a lot, we hope to see you in the discord. Maybe even let us know you came from here.

In regards for the whole team - Jajar

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Is that a Vault Heist I see??

We have reached 15 edits on this post. We have decided to remake this post and start getting active.


We have posted two important announcements in our discord today, join our discord server and check them out:

Click the image!!

Our Civilian whitelist applications are out! Right now it will unlock other channels in the community discord. All information on whitelisting can be found in our discord server in the #start-here channel. The application will be below:

Join this server I would recomend joining this is one of the best servers that I have ever been in, I would recomend joining this server.

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We have gotten a new person onto the Developer Team, server development will go on faster. Expect release sooner than I anticipated.

Daily boost, looking for members!

Boost, we are looking for some developers.

Bump! Server release is tomorrow!!!

+boost, I’m back!!

:page_with_curl: New Server Version | v1.0.2.0

  • Reworked Spawn Selection menu, coming soon for businesses as well

  • New Apartments system (Contact Management for apart. upgrades)

  • Fixed an issue where ID’s where showing across the whole map when used

  • Fixed issue where every single outfit was its own context menu