The Possibility of Real Life Roleplay coming back

Helklo, I just wanna make a quick announcement, the chances of Real Life Roleplay coming back or not is a 50/50 chance. If it does come back expect the server to be online within the next few days, if not, well then I guess find another roleplaying server.


@cody196 I don’t see why you took it down in the first place. For all I know there could have been personal issues and I understand that but why take the GitHub page down? You could’ve made it opensource so other people could develop the scripts that were available on there instead of just letting it all go to waste. I think everyone in the community would like to see the server come back along with the GitHub so we can keep making progress with roleplay in FiveReborn.

if u need a host for the server let me know

Update: I decided to bring back Real Life Roleplay for FiveReborn, only. And website is back. Have fun.