The OneSync EAP and you

Ok, to be clear, she did that and we of course, paste this key in the server.cfg, and we changed sv_maxclients to 64… and finally, we modified every addons to get them work with 64 players.

But, this afternoon, we tried, with few players, and no one was able to see each others, like each players were in a solo instance. (I don’t have any error, except ■■■■■■■, so i disabled it)

As you can see, OneSync looks enabled :
And i thought it was a license issue… I also tried to disable every ESX addons to start a nearly-vanilla server, but i got the same problem, no one was able to see any player.

I’ll search, i’ll try some things, btw, thank you very much for your reply.

nice these 64 slots or just a problem … I can not find any player near? or put in function.lua for i = 0, maxPlayers, 255 do

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Hello, here I explain my concern…
I wanted to put the OneSync on my Fivem server but when I but the onesync_enabled 1 set line in the config cfg file I have an infinite load of my server I remain stuck in the loading screen someone would help me solve this problem because I have already re-created a fivem server with the base to try but without success its continuously blocks me in loading…
I have all the latest versions on my server
If anyone would help me!

I got manually approved for OneSync and I think OneSync is great.
Going to search for bugs and just test OneSync out!

Thanks for approving :wink:


When i enable onesync the esx stops working (police can’t search for example) and the PVP stops ( i can’t shoot other people).

Any suggestions

yes, there is code that will need to be changed to suit 64 players, alot of it is loops that will need to be changed from 32 to 64 or 31 to 63 etc.

Alright but we don’t want 64. We can’t host that cause we use ZAP hosting. 32 is the limit.

Most players on my server have crashes, every 5-30 minutes…
(Timed out after 60 seconds.)

Same problem @Mrhack

Hello I have the same worries how the corrected?

Hey, my server get this error:
no candidates for entity (x), deleting
And player timeout the server after +/- 10 ~ 15 players why ?

Linux is fixed now. Rejoice!~

Hi guys, i just tried to enable OneSync on my debian 9 server (on a vanilla server, with last updates), and players can’t see others, so i think it’s not fixed at all.

So, if there is some linux owners who can confirm this issue, that would be great, thank you very much.

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Linux is fixed but latest versions are not available yet.

@PichotM Ah ok, thank you very much for your reply.
I think i’ll rent a windows serv for onesync testing so.


hello guys i have one bug on my server sometimes when someone shooting he crashes
any one know how to fix that?