The New Way In DOJ ( Server Information )


Hi, I’m Ethan West. I always searched for ways to prepare, along with how to become a new member of a big DOJ server. So, instead of struggling looking through videos till the end of the earth, or searching for servers that wont help you get prepared. I created a easy way on finding out what people would need to know if they are having issues with getting the right information. Now you might think this is just like the other posts just to advertise a server. But it really will help you! So, I wanted to make this easy for everyone that’s looking into become part of something huge.

This is a way that the new members of the FiveM can learn how to become a part of a big DOJ community. This is a representation of what will improve your knowledge in DOJ and how you can improve your skill. If you want to join famous people such as Polecat324, BayAreaBugs, Or any major YouTuber in that matter. You’d want to go into the DOJ system and look professional. Not like a rookie off the street that doesn’t know really anything. To excel in that community you’d want to look superior to your fellow trainees and pass with flying colors. This server is a first step into a superior DOJ server, it will help you learn your knowledge, get familiar with the department you’re looking into. Along with getting you prepared with getting into the DOJ skill level that you would need to be apart of the major communities. This server is to become the next big thing in FiveM but you must go through the challenge of learning new things such as getting into a new GameMode. Instead of being a Civilian, you could learn how to become Administration, Server Developer, Radio Communications, Officer in various of our different departments. This will help enhance your leadership and personal knowledge.

Keeping this all in mind if you feel up to the challenge and want to join a new community or get trained in for the other famous servers or just a little taste of what you haven’t experienced before. Then please give us a try, come visit our website at and learn more about us!

This is truly the best server to learn what you need to know. Along with in my opinion it has the best Economy, Management, Roleplay Opportunities,Custom Scripts, and Organization. I would really recommend you take the challenge, you never know. You could be the next person that helps train people for there future in FiveM or within a DOJ community.

Come and join us! Be apart of " The New Way In DOJ "

~Ethan West

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DOJ is dead now