The most Unique Server Ever!

Ever since I joined the Sentinel Peak RP server last year. The growth and the development has been absolutely phenominal. Yes there’s been set backs ( due to numerous reasons ) but since those issues have been dealt with, SPRP has not stopped growing, let alone developing. During my time here, people have come and gone but the ones who have stayed from the beginning, they are the backbones of the server. The staff here are very helpful and very professional, they have helped out greatly even though they may have been busy, they took the time to help me out and get me set me up on the server. Granted when I asked them for help, they didn’t answer right away, but I got my answers eventually. I’ve never had any problems with any of the staff at any level. When I joined a department, the head staff were helpful on getting me set up in my roles and getting me trained properly for my job. Ever since the day I joined this server I’ve always had fun even if I’m by myself, thankfully the staff aren’t stickler for the rules, except for when you continuosly doing stupid things, but other than that they’re laid back and they’re fun to hang out with. But nonetheless, the experience has been far from dull, there’s always some kind of excitement lurking around the corners. But the community base has been on the slow side of things but nonetheless this server is the most unique I have ever seen compared to others I’ve been on. I’m glad to see that the community has a say in the growth and development of the server to where everyone is involved in with the growth and development. But I truly recommend this server, if you want a server that’s different from the others this is the one for you, come join the fun.

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