The long awaited question that we want someone to answer, Virtual memory locked

I have done countless hours of research on increasing the Virtual Memory lock and nothing has been explained about it. Yes I know people can spend time optimizing the server resources but me and plenty others would like to increase the Virtual Memory lock.

What I know so far:
1.Texture quality greatly determines the Virtual Memory cap
Example: Texture Quality High = 700Mib to 900Mib virtual memory cap
Texture Quality Normal = 1300Mib to 1700Mib virtual memory cap

  1. My computer is not capping at any point in my system and I still get texture loss with 5 different spawned models. This means there is an internal cap either in FiveM or GTA V.

  2. I physically increased my Virtual Memory on Windows and still had no effect in game.

  3. The server does NOT effect what caps your Virtual Memory, it is client sided.

  4. Any attempt to modify the streaming buffer in the FiveM gaming config causes FiveM to crash and reset the Gaming config to default.

If any FiveM devs are looking at this please explain how the Virtual memory(Streaming Memory) cap is determined.
Also how we might approach increasing it.


Well, this is more information than i’ve ever been able to find. Hopefully somebody will stumble across this and shed some light…