The Last Frontier Age 18+ Hiring Lawman , Medics, | Serious RP

Welcome to your future home in RedM Role Play.
The Last Frontier is QB Based with lots to offer.
We are always accepting applications for Lawman, Medics, And Private Businesses.

Lets step back and let you look at what we have to offer:

  • Player Owned Businesses
  • Player Owned Farm Goods
  • Private Homes
  • Build your Home Anywhere
  • Custom Maps built for your RP
  • Custom Scripts
  • Open Legendary Hunting
  • Custom Items only you can craft

And Much More: Find Out In County.


More new custom scripts and items added.
Come on in and check it out.

Send me your fivem server Discord to join.

The Last Frontier is currently seeking all types of individuals. Crims, Lawman, Farmers, Medics, Weaponsmith, Blacksmith, and more. Lots to be done .

Come visit us and start your storyline.