The keys For Menu

Hi, I’m looking for key codes.


    while true do
        if IsControlJustPressed(1, 311) then
            PersonnalMenu() -- Menu to draw
            Menu.hidden = not Menu.hidden -- Hide/Show the menu
        Menu.renderGUI(options) -- Draw menu on each tick if Menu.hidden = false
        if IsEntityDead(PlayerPedId()) then
            -- prevent the death check from overloading the server
            playerdead = true

The 1,311 is for the key K I would like to have F3

There is no keys, people need to get that into their heads. There are controls though, and these are bound to keys…

Anyways, the control list can be found at

Thanks You For Help men

You have an idea for the F3 key

There are no keys

Did you not read my comment? Did you just click the link and say “Thanks” without actually understanding what I put?

GTAV uses controls. These are “actions” that can be bound to keys. For example “INPUT_JUMP” can be bound to any key but, by default its bound to “space”.

So, unless you force every user to rebind their keys, you cannot get when the F3 is pressed. Simple as.