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True Economy

What is “True Economy”? Every server that doesn’t use vMenu calls themselves an Economy. An economy isn’t grinding pointless jobs to make money. An economy is players using their time, money and effort crafting, farming and performing jobs that circulate items, supply and money in and out of the economy.

Here in the Inferno City, we have balanced all 728 items in the game, created over 308 crafting recipes, and created our own shops that allow players to sell back items they’ve acquired. With an auctionhouse/marketplace, crafting and farming on top of jobs that pay you to acquire items you can then sell for extra profit… We’re FiveM’s only True Economy server.


Lead Dev is a Professional Software Engineer



Custom Homes & Businesses

A Detailed & Highly Active Crime Life

Mature Administration & Department Heads

Civilian Focused Development

We believe in breaking away from the normal, and not being yet another public safety server. This isn’t your high school kid’s average FiveM “roleplay” server where 90% of the players are cops and the sole reason for civilians existing is to feed cop roleplayers… This is a server where you are expected to become the next millionaire, own a nightclub, start an airline company or whatever it is that makes you stand out amongst your peers in the ultimate American Dream


  • Custom, Homemade Scripts

Our developer doesn’t just edit files. She has created multiple, homemade scripts that have provided a massive quality of life upgrade to the server. Some of our custom scripts include:

  • TextSigns: Place signs anywhere to get your message out to the world. Store open? Selling a car? TextSigns will help.
  • SelfStorage: Rent a self storage unit and store all that junk, all that junk you keep in your trunk.
  • BlueWeb: A custom police MDT with full QBCore integration, stolen vehicle recovery systems and integration with Wraith.
  • JobAuthorizations: Tired of having to reclaim your job when you get arrested or die? You can now have bosses an admins auth your jobs with a grade, so you can just reclaim the job or switch jobs anytime.
  • Jobs a-Plenty

Plenty of jobs, legal and illegal, for people to perform. Some jobs are whitelisted and intended to build a story for your character; Many jobs can be performed simply by using F1, or going to City Services. Become a Barista at Bean Machine, drive a cab or a bus, run a hot dog stand, or open a shop and become your own mechanic. There’s plenty to do, and we’re only adding more as we go.

  • Business Ownership

Players can own businesses - including any potential jobs that come with it (strippers, bartenders, etc), or income earned by players interacting with it (buying product when you’re not around). If you purchase a 24/7, you will be entitled to any income that business earns from player purchases. If you purchase a mechanic shop, you’ll need to actually run the shop and hire players if you want to see your business thrive. If you own a nightclub, you can hire your own dancers, DJs and bartenders.

  • Cartels & Gangs

Our Gangs are run like gangs should be - The Cartel is a business enterprise running various drug and weapons trades in the underground. Street Gangs control the drug trade and establish their turf. It’s more than just violence and gang wars. Street Racers run materials trying to get the best outfit they can to decimate others on the streets… It’s about the business dealings, friendships and enemies you make so you can get your way and climb to the top… Started from the bottom now we’re here.


If you fancy a job in politics, look no further. Mayors along with City Council can set various fees and penalty amounts as well as pass city ordinances to create new laws in the game. Run for office, win the election, and have a noticeable difference on the server’s day to day operations.


Optimized Assets


The Inferno City Management Team

How is your current city’s development team? Does your developer pay attention to O(n^2) runtime complexities and avoid while true do Wait(0) loops that increase the CPU demand on the clients in your server? Does you vehicle developer know how to optimize and reduce the size of oversized vehicle assets?

Leave your slow, glitchy, 1,000-donor car having server that crashes after five people show up to a “car show” and come relax in a city where you don’t get a lag spike every single time you walk into an interior. Tired of your developers not knowing how to fix a two-year-old bug? We are too.

Come play in a city that cares, with a knowledgeable developer who codes for fun out of the enjoyment of seeing a design come to life.


Homebrewed Scripts & Purchased Developments

We pride ourselves on not using any leaked, stolen, resold or ill-obtained assets. Despite not receiving any money in donations at the current moment, we have purchased a large amount of assets ready for your enjoyment. However, this is only the foundation for Inferno RP. We have many scripts actively in development that will be exclusive to Inferno RP.

Some of our Custom Homemade stuff:

  • Volunteer Firefighting - Work a day job and fight fire or save lives on your own time without losing your job progress.

  • TextSigns - Place signs down with custom text that persist through server restarts

  • Dumpster dive for valuable items and materials

  • Storage units for stashing large amounts of items

  • Tow Job with full repossession missions for both player and NPC vehicles

  • and many more being developed!


So now, it’s up to you…

Will you continue playing on your greed-driven server, with cops who have play to win attitudes, donors running around as if they’re untouchable, and people who edit configurations files and call themselves “developers”?

Or will you be the spark, join the Inferno City and ignite your roleplay potential?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~




looks good !


good job you guys its been fun so far plan on sticking around for sure


Hi everyone!
Chief Melanie Anderson here.

I’m the lead developer, Chief of Metro Fire, and residential Paramedic (spent 9 years as a Volunteer Fire Chief and 911-EMT in real life). My goal is simple: Make EMS fun again. My goal is to make it so that the unappealing job of Fire/Rescue in GTA V is changed. We have a working fire script, and I’m developing a lot in the background that can’t quite be announced yet - but if you join us, you’ll be the first to experience it.

My roleplay experience goes back to 2006, when I started the San Andreas Sheriff’s Department on Crazybob’s Cops n’ Robbers. We started the first RP sheriff’s department in the world, took our roleplay to Argonath RPG and then ultimately to Next Generation Gaming RP. Completely on my own, I forged a roleplay group, set the foundation and established a standard for roleplaying. I created the first ever Department Policy on SAMP, and we prided ourselves on professionalism and realism. We took the RP community by storm, and we’re doing it again.


We have tons of jobs! police, EMS also a volunteer FD. you can be playing as a barista get a fire call and be on the road to the fire! (ohh yeah a working fire script with real fires)

Come check us out, it is going to be a great place to play and hang out!

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keep up the hard work !

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almost 100 veiws lets keep it up guys, lets make inferno into the sever that it deserves to be

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Been working hard on the script!

Made a lot of progress on getting the volunteer fire department stuff up and running. Fixed a few minor gameplay inconveniences, and right now I am working on a spreadsheet and a program that determines economic impacts of various jobs income and expenses. With this tool, I’ll be able to write a fully automated script in the near future to handle realistic fluctuations in the server economy… including realistic crypto and stock market changes.

Lots of cool things coming! Join while we still need people - this could be your chance to be a department head, or a whitelisted job boss.

Server running really smoothly the RP scenes we have had have been gold! come check us out!

nice smooth running server ! love the car handling

the best part about this server is the fact that there a so many options its not just cops and robbers, its more than that

Great server with great people, come join us… The Payne Cartel is looking for some new members…


Volunteer Firefighting is now Live!

Keep your day job and throw away wasted hours sitting at the fire station. Work the coffee shop, or fix cars at Benny’s and when the emergency hits, the tones will drop. Grab your emergency-outfitted personal vehicle and race to the station - or proceed direct to scene!

The Inferno City believes in the protection of it’s people, and statistics across several states have shown that a responsive volunteer fire department is critical for the welfare of it’s people that it serves.

Volunteer Fire Captain Melanie Anderson showcasing her outfitted personal vehicle

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Added some nice classic cars to our already huge selection! almost every motel in the city is MLO and up for grabs! come check it out!

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Everyday is something new on Inferno RP! Had a couple of our regulars running side jobs yesterday, and responded to a couple medicals and fires. Things are happening, make sure you’re part of it! Chopping cars, meth labs, vin scratching… All working beautifully.

Two scripts actively in development (home made) and making great progress.

Don’t miss out.

our dev is hard at work making some custom scripts for us, we are consistently adding and making sure everything is smooth!

loving the server so much to do

Come one, come all! It’s the first weekend since we opened. You lost some sleep from moving the clock forward one hour, but don’t lose our on your experience with what we have to offer! Multiple scripts in the background being worked on, and we’re constantly updating and fixing the ones we have. We have people waiting to meet you, and endless opportunities.

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Lead admin and self made millionaire. Crypto is kicking off like crazy in Inferno RP great server

Our Volunteer fire department get unmarked emergency vehicles as personal cars!!!