The Honest Truth

This server is one of the best vmenu servers I have played in my 1000+ hours in fivem. As far as great rp, great staff, to amazing leo. I have been apart of many servers departments and none are as well organized and led. Its one of the fastest growing servers in all of fivem. Any fail rp, vdm, or etc can be reported and delt with almost instantly. The system in place for becoming a civ allows for more players that are comited to rp just as much as the next. Being a Deputy myself I can say that all Leo’s are trained to a high quaitly, which always for prios to be off more than on. Giving everyone a chance to do the RP they would like to do. So I would say play the server and see for yourself. You will quickly see the pros of the server and it will be you typing this review.


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