The Honest Truth about this server

ight so i got banned for defending someone who lost his position unfairly. Estes who says we dont know the whole story will never tell you the story they will hide behind anything they can. Finch is the co owner who goes on off the wall rants about depts he knows nothing about. will do things in server that anyone would kick anyone for doing. he will even yell at people who do things that he does. chad the owner is never around and dumps money into a server hes never around to see. estes has always been overbearing trying to hold things above peoples heads. they brought back salvation who as head of staff would almsot every night on stream degrade and talk horribly about the server. yet they let him back after starting more drama then anyone. dept director joe is a angry overbearing person who no one wants to go on patrol with in fear of being punished about the smallest things. he even told managemnt he wasnt gonna take the position unless his best friend was his assistant (huge red flag) they kicked the only person who actually pushed the server to be better the only person who actually got people to do anything the person who actually just tried. chad can dump as much money as he wants into the server but upper managment is as corrupt as can be. save yourself the hassel and dont play it. its not worth the data. -Ex Mayor D.Starling SASP SGT 764 ps hope the only few good people dont get twisted by the lies they tell.

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