The Golden Republic | Serious RP | San Andreas Based | 18+ | Whitelisted | Custom Vehicles/EUP | vMenu | Hiring Police/EMS

We are an 18+ whitelisted community that is focused on realistic and serious roleplay.
We are a very friendly and welcoming community, it is a short and quick whitelist application to ensure u are right for our community!
We are currently still in development so it could be a bit but everything is up and working as it should be!
We currently use a discord RTO but are working to get another form of communication.
Though we are an 18+ community, we do allow bypasses on certain circumstances
We have 4 departments that are currently open, these consist of:


Subdivisions: Speed Enforcement Unit, Motorcycle Unit, Gang Task Force, Criminal Investigation Division, S.W.A.T, and more!


Subdivisions: S.W.A.T, K9, Detectives Division, Motorbike Unit, Narcotics, and more!


Subdivisions: Internal Affairs, more to come soon!


Subdivisions: Search and Rescue, and EMS

Staff is currently unavailable right now, maybe later!

if you are looking for a fun and friendly, yet serious community, we are the server for you! we are very serious about growing the server and growing as a community together.
See you in the server very soon!
Website: N/A
Written by: Lt. D. Fox of the Los Santos Police Department

I am the owner of the server and we would love for you to come join us! We have a ton of subdivisions with the departments such as SWAT, Air One, Traffic Enforcement, CID and more!

We have an ID script, Map, Heli Script and Hoslter script made by IDKRedRum, as well as a working Live Map for dispatch in cad and even some custom reports to add to the realism!

Here are some pictures with more to come! We will be updating with a website soon! as well as a TeamSpeak! Pictures:


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