The Frontier RP 18+ (SERIOUS RP) (US/NA Hosted) (WHITELIST) (Hiring all jobs) (QB CORE)


The City has had some great growth with active players, come add to the mix!

Hop on in folks! City is waitin’ for ya!

If you’re looking for a server to play on I can’t recommend this one enough. It’s got fun people and one of the best admin teams I’ve seen.

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THANK YOU!!! More the merrier!

Just added a F150 and a few other vehicles! Come on in!

The city is taking off don’t miss out on new business opportunities and factions to be a part of!

Added some more stuff! TV’s work now!

Los Santos Police Department and Los Santos Emergency Services is in high demand! If you have experience, or you’re interested definitely let us know and we’ll make it happen!

We now have our own custom wine script at the vineyard where wine is made and sold! Come check us out and the drunk effects for it!

Still going strong! Pile in peeps! Need more PD and EMS! As well as citizens of course.

We’re still going strong, we need LEO AND EMS BADLY! Come on in to the city that never sleeps!

Come join a community where your voice is heard and you can be a part of something great! Let us know what role/job you’re interested so we can make it happen!

Seeking a Chief of Police and Chief of Fire Department! Inquire within!

Nice community, really good roleplay very realistic!