The Frontier RP 18+ (DARK RP/ERP) (US/NA Hosted) (Serious RP Voice/Text RP) (No Whitelist) (Hiring all jobs) (QB CORE)

Discord: 18+ The Frontier RP


[Active Developer]

We are opening our gates! Those 18 years or older are welcome to join in on this new and upcoming FiveM RP Server.

What we Offer: Dedicated Server 2048 Max Slots CFX Platinum Patreon using QBCore with various job opportunities to rise the ranks and help us establish a foundation. We have our own developing lore with various mods and paks to make us more unique from the other servers out there. There is NSFW RP allowed including Dark RP/ERP with a focus centered around OOC consent. Crime RP with gang territories, Law RP with a Gang Unit needed to counter them. Come and join our discord for more questions!

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fun server, lots of stuff, clean ui


Vanilla Unicorn is open for business! Hiring Strippers, check out this beautiful revamp of the interior! More to see in-game.

We’re growing already! The only thing we’re missing is YOU.

Got a head mechanic waiting to customize your cars!!

Looking for all jobs! Don’t hesitate if you want to run your own business! If you like Medical RP, Police RP, none of it is whitelisted just come on over and we can get you set up! As long as you’re after quality RP then this is the place!! The Frontier RP where the only limits are your OWN!

We are growing! Just hired our first State Trooper! And there may have been a hunting incident…

Excellent server!