The Final Frontier 18+ [SERIOUS RP]


-Discord: 18+ The Frontier RP
-We do have a White List
-Serious Voice/Text RP

An immersive, rich story RP experience catered to those with quality and maturity in mind. There is a dash of Supernatural Taste but only for those who look hard enough. In a State of Division, The Final Frontier withstood a horrific sickness that split the West and the East for the longest time… With the West preferring to stick to their roots in a more lawless land where they could shoot first and ask questions later. Both sides handled the sickness in their own way, and while they’ve endured and seen the other side… Tensions are high, with the borders opening and allowing new citizens to the State, the question remains if the past will be unearthed.

Mexico and Guarma
Many custom YMAPs
Advanced Camping
Marshals and Sheriffs
Time Accurate Medical
Expanded Horses
Horse Races
Hunting and Fishing
Mining and Goldpanning
Legendary Creatures
Advanced Moonshine
Bounty Hunting
Hunting/Scavenger Birds

What we Offer: A tremendous amount of content with many scripts to scratch the itch! Storytellers ready to craft and provide engaging events should you choose to involve your character. There is so much creative freedom, with access to more should you dare follow the dark paths that may or may not present themselves… So what are you waiting for? The train has arrived, mysteriously your ticket is already paid for, explore The Final Frontier!


Awesome server with many unique features & lots to do! Staff are very friendly

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Thank you!! We’re already growing!

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Awesome server! Staff is great and hard working. I’ve been in the server a little over a week and have had an awesome time!


Glad to hear! We’re still going strong :smiley: currently gave the Doctors quite a bit of Medical RP with a brand new script!!

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SO MUCH RP HAS TRANSPIRED! I’m honestly amazed by all of the traction we’re already getting! Don’t miss out!!

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I’m so excited!! We have a lot of custom scripts recently added to add more unique items for crafting!!! THIS PLACE IS POPPING!

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All this hootin’ and hollerin’! We even have a SICK Doctor Script. Get it? Yeah, people can catch a cold and need to take some medicine if they ain’t careful! Doctor RP is booming! Just need some more Doctors and Law Enforcement! Always hiring!

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definitely having more fun in this server than in any other game at this time.

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Plenty of new places to explore on this server . It’s cool

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We are still looking for Doctors, Law Enforcement, and US Army Soldiers! Not to mention many more! Plenty of roles are open, just take the train in and you’ll see this place is ONE OF A KIND!

Recently added a nice Prison Script to keep the OL’ BADDIES busy and with something to do if they end up spending some time in Sisicka. Come find out for yourself o.o

We’ve amassed quite a following along with an additional train robbery script! Come check us out! Always in need of Doctors, Deputies, and of course Criminals! All are welcome in THE FINAL FRONTIER!

We have had a few weddings, and a lot of new folks piling in. I want this to be the best RedM server… I mean that whole heartedly I know we have the people to make that happen to make us unique from the rest!

We have housing available, businesses ready to be bought and owned! Many different important positions are currently available! Come on over NAH! Check us out!

WE GOT BEES, SOON TO HAVE AN OIL BUSINESS… I’m tellin’ ya… If you ain’t here, then what are you doing with yourself? This is the kind of roleplay you don’t want to miss! Quality people, unique people, stories that shall be repeated around the campfire for several life times!

Still hootin’ and hollerin’! I hear rumors of an Oil Business coming into the County soon! Always looking for more business owners! More Law, more Criminals! We got room for it all!