The F8 button

The F8 button brings up a menu that I can’t seem to disable. I’m trying to use a client trainer mod for singleplayer but because of this stupid menu I’m not even able to use the trainer. Any work-arounds or ways to disable this menu?

that’s not a “stupid menu” that’s the console on the client side

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Change your trainer key from F8 to something else. It sounds like you’re using Menyoo by the way… YouTube tutorials on how to change the key.


I hope your realize you cant change the console button. Meaning somehow you would need to change the button for your menu.

Or just remove the menu, you could use a server sided menu like vMenu.

I hope this helps,

technically if you modified fivem and built it from source you sort of could change the key. would be complex but possible sort of (but unlikely that he would do it)

That is the console button, you’ll need to change your trainer menu’s keybind to something else other than F8.