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The Dynasty Roleplay Is An Upcoming vMenu Based Server.
we focus on providing a fun but realistic roleplay where you can fit into the community.
We have frequent updates and lots of fun events!

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dynasty is a great server with a lot of opportunities there are a lot of custom maps that I enjoy and a lot of custom content. the owner is amazing and is very nice. in the 4 months I have been apart of dynasty I have become staff, media team, paramedic in charge, head of DEA, captain in BSCO, high command in k-9 and I love it. Iā€™m my opinion the server is amazing and I recommend it to anyone

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The dynasty roleplay is one of the best servers i have played on in a long time the staff deal with any trolling before they can ruin anyones roleplay i would recomend it to anyone looking to have a good time and also doing some great rp. 10/10

the dyansty rp is really good will recomend to new players really gos staff team and very realistic mechanics even though its semi realistic police are always on and people are very helpful

the dynasty is a great server and recommend you play, it has realistic cars, sirens and even building addons. you need to join this server its well fun

the dynasty is the best server i have ever played 100 recommend good RP friendly server NEED TO TRY IT OUT NOW to see what it like 100.

Hello! Special Greetings From The Dynasty

We are still hiring for departments: Police, EMS etc

If you wish to create your own civilian department please join the discord either speak to a member of Management or put in an Application on the forms site