The CreateVehicle function returns false

The CreateVehicle function returns false.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. CreateVehicle at location with networkHandle set to false)
  2. Fly out of rendering range of the point
  3. Fly back to the spawning coords.
  4. Try to spawn a car --> function returns false
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I have the same problem.

local veh = GetHashKey("banshee")
            local coords = GetOffsetFromEntityInWorldCoords(playerPed, 0,5,2)
            local car = CreateVehicle(veh, coords, 0.0, true, false)
                SetPedIntoVehicle(playerPed, car, -1)

car is always "false"
coords are is giving me the right coordinates
veh is "-1041692462" (banshee)