The Contract Infos - Build 2545

Hello, what do you mean by somewhere ?
You have the list of the new vehicles there :

And you have to add them to your vehicleshop script / vMenu or wherever you need them.

Well then I’ll have to let my turn on this one. I really don’t know what could cause the issue, I’ve just been staring at the code and I can’t find what would cause this on your end without any errors while I have it working on my side.
Maybe if you manage to make a small video showing the issue with a display of the errors in the F8 console this could help. Make sure to only have the required resource for your server to run.

And make sure that you’re using the latest version of online-interiors.

Sure, will do.

Thank you, I hope that we can find a solution to this issue.

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Has anyone been able to find a solution for streaming more than 128 of any particular clothing component using the 2545 build? As outlined here (YMT game limit and crash issues · DurtyFree/durty-cloth-tool Wiki · GitHub), 2545 seems to only support 2 clothing packs with no advanced options (high heels, hair) or 1 clothing pack with advanced options.

Given the 1 clothing pack limitation, a max of 128 jbibs are available, which is just not enough for the needs of our server. The best option would seem to be to restream the entire mp_m_freemode_01_mp_m_security.meta which is the SHOP_PED_APPAREL_META_FILE for the 2545 build, but there don’t seem to be any guides on how to stream over a base game clothing pack.

Does anyone have any insight or solutions into this issue?

Join DurtyFree’s server and discuss it with him.

Anyone know if the music from the update is missing? Haven’t heard any of it at all. I know the one new radio station is in, but I haven’t heard any of the updated songs on Radio Los Santos, or West Coast Classics.

They should be but, as you say, IDK

@Senziar @StillRobin2 I found what were causing the issue, just made a PR on the repo, waiting approval from @TayMcKenzieNZ. Sorry for this issue. :confused:

EDIT : it has been merged

Thank you! I greatly appreciate it. I’ll try it out right now.

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the blips doesnt work anymore ?

Yes they do. You must be doing something wrong. You need to:

  • download my version and not cloudy’s
  • be on the correct gamebuild
  • have bob74_ipl
start bob74_ipl
start online-interiors
  • have latest server artifacts

Thank you so much!
I will try it out when I get home!


I’ve deleted annoying doors for the casino penthouse that wouldn’t open properly, I just need to do the doors leading up to the casino vault and add the vault door.

There’s a whole bunch of IPLs for it too, but I haven’t done any of that.

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If anyone is using Gabz MLO’s on this build something in cfx-gabz-mapdata is causing the roads to disappear…any help in this regard is appreciated considering i havent been able to resolve this issue.

Ive pinpointed it to cfx-gabz-mapdata 100 percent

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You may want to point this to Gabz himself so that it can be fixed.
I’m not using this so I can’t really help you. :frowning:


Gabz pumped out an update for there maps. with the solution