The conflict between GVRP and GVMP

Hey guys i am going to show you the english statement from j3fferson today because GVRP and GVMP has a conflict and i´m going to show it now:

Here is the Statement of J3fferson:

Dear Community,

With this post we would like to point out an ugly phenomenon in the GTA world. Unfortunately, it currently happens that some servers, especially under FiveM and Rage Multiplayer, take advantage of GVMP’s years of work. First of all, we would like to expressly state that these servers have no connection with GVMP and neither use nor have we received our permission or our scripts in a legal way. We have already noticed here that, even if we act to the best of our knowledge and belief, there may be legal problems (e.g. usage contracts for free projects that come about automatically, etc.). However, we have never tried to harm anyone with our actions. In this case it looks completely different …

We have decided to take legal action against these projects. This decision has only come about recently, after we asked a project to remove our scripts (without any legal consequences or costs). Unfortunately the whole thing was only “smiled at”, so we are forced to go such ways. I’m not a fan of settling differences legally, but where other means sometimes don’t work, you are forced to use these means.

Why are we doing anything here at all?

We have been doing GVMP for over 4 years now, in all the systems, scripts, designs there is a lot of work that was created here in our free time. For days and weeks, sweat, free time and work are put into it. To then copy this result without your own work, to benefit from it yourself and thus to bring yourself and your server to the fore, is not only contemptuous in my opinion, but does not show respect for work performed. We also have to say that some of our work is even freely available (e.g. some mods by David) or that we sometimes help other servers with questions. We are absolutely against such dealings with each other, but unfortunately there are enough people who enrich themselves with something like that.

This contribution is more an expression of the time, work and thoughts that my team and I have to spend on a daily basis.

Please always remember, no matter what work you find on the Internet (or anywhere else), that it was created by people who invested time, possibly money, and that it is simply not respectful handling of copying other people’s works without consultation. It’s just demotivating and the work is therefore not appreciated.

I wish you all a lot of fun on GVMP, despite copies, even if our work is stolen and used for self-profiling. Nevertheless, we work every day to make this project possible for you. At this point I would like to express my great compliments to my team and everyone who supports us here every day. Only through the community is it possible to continue such a huge project.

Have a nice evening and best regards"

And don´t say something bad in this post

If I said anything wrong then I’m sorry

Its a sad and true thing in every single community that There is certain people allowing them selves to copy someone’s work/script/art without ever asking for permission. the most painful situation is where they even take the credits for it.
I think you can report the servers that are using your scripts. Contact the @moderation so they can handle this Situation correctly.
With all respect I don’t think this topic belongs in Fivem Discussion section.

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