The CitizenFX Collective is looking for developers!


At the CitizenFX Collective, we are looking for core project developers to extend the currently around-1-FTE working on the project itself.

What we expect:

  • A remote contractor (European timezones preferred) to work on the core projects.
  • 20hr/wk+ availability/work time preferred.
  • Knows or is ‘trivially’ able to learn C/C++, x86-64 reverse engineering and perhaps also C#/Go/JavaScript.
  • Vision and ability to work in a self-directed fashion. We don’t really plan ahead, the ideal candidate would be able to think of interesting work items to implement themselves and just do so creatively.
  • Ability to communicate clearly enough in (written) English without too much aid of automated translation tools.
  • The magic code word would be ‘potato’.
  • Knowledge of reverse engineering of GTA/RAGE titles or other video games would be a big plus - especially people who’ve done more than just cheat development.
  • Past contributions/activity in the community are also going to help you with being considered.

What we offer:

  • Monetary compensation around the normal ranges for software engineers in the Western Europe region.
  • It’s remote work. No random ‘facilities’.
  • Freedom to work on whatever feature you wish as long as the vision for it somewhat matches with the core project goals, and the project remains afloat.
  • Not really anything interesting other than that.

Do you think you have the ability, time and vision to work on the project? Send a (can be informal) description of yourself, a bit of motivation, and perhaps a resume to [email protected] - make sure to insert the magic code word in the subject, and the fact that you’re interested in the random development position as well.