The big question, of big question

Hi guys, i have a least 2 months working on a spanish roleplay server, for a community that i handled but what happen here, i tested QBCore, ESX, VRP

All of they have they essence, but i dont know what is the better and more complete, so let me know here the best practices if this is possible. i buyed a lot of script a lot of entire servers

The best server is the one you build yourselft

I know that ESX used bad practice and outdated code, I have no clue about vRP, qbcore is being maintained and constantly being updated with good practice and up-to-date code.

So, I would say choose QBCore.
But as QBCore said themselves on their discord, there is yet to be a ‘stable’ version of QBCore. So their might be undiscovered bugs or issues that you may encounter.