The Apocalypse Project - YMAP [UPDATED 30/11/2020]

Can you do a pull request on github? I’ll accept it and push it trough the main release

Some props are duplicated, I’ve been fixing that lately and I have a fix with less than 2.000 props.
The main issue right now is that I don’t have much time to fix it.
Regarding splitting the maps, I did since FiveM had issues streaming 1 big Ymap, some objects stopped appearing to people. The fix was to divide the maps.

im new to fiveM and i just started on this site a few weeks ago, ive been working on fixing trees in the project. i have no idea how git works mostly xD i just got lucky enough to figure out how to post my map lol. ive looked at the ymaps i can see why its gonna take a while to get these maps more optimised. Ive been editing them in codewalker. imo splitting the maps up is a better option incase someone has a set up on their server where one of the maps might interfere.

as far as the tunnel goes i had the same problem with the props bugging out. i think theres just too many props in the file but idk ill try and figure it out. im also building a zombie server while doing this xD.

me too xD building a zombie server
with the infection bar

I’m fully back at the project. Everything is going ok for now.
I’m looking for someone that understands about MLO to help out in the map. please contact me .


  • Optimized some props up north

  • Fixed the tunnel (Didn’t actually fixed it. Just covered the entrances til someone helps me fix it)

  • Optimized Humane Labs (still need to fix interior bug)


  • Added CodeWalker project File to anyone willing to help.
    Note: Anyone that wants to help please do a pull-request on github. I’ll be looking towards contributors.

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Been having crashes a lot due to building pool size any way to fix this my milsim runs this mod but everyone keeps crashing

Hey there, could you please send me your crash reports?

I dont know if anyone else has gone through the ymap’s but DeadOrAlive2 is a shitshow… out of 10 ymaps only m1 m2 m3 and m6 are not duplicates…

I’ve fixed pretty much 60% of the map plus made a few additions. As of now I’m keeping it private till it’s 100% complete.
I’m now working with a team to fix the map but it was requested to keep this private.

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did you find your problem with the tunnel and your metro entrance? i think you shhold have done an ytyp in the correct rooms. it´s not streamable in an ymap. Greetings from germany

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hello it is grate if you need help i can help for free just let me no ?

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Release it ty very much