The Apocalypse Project - FINAL VERSION [UPDATED 20/12/2021]

lovely done project! big thx from the 247 community <3

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Glad to hear some feedback about the project. Gives me motivation to resume it one day :slight_smile:


all maps load except the postapo_interior some reason cant find resource even though it loaded as the others


I can say that for my server I have a [assets] folder with all my maps (including post-apo interior) and add-on clothes/vehicle’s that I load at the top of my cfg with ensure [assets].

These mappings are really badass and super well made, I’ve featured them in a short cinematic video. Hope this project blows up in popularity.


I’m speechless… This is amazing !
If you’d be up I would do an entire episode with this map !

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start/ ensure postapo-interior or rename the folder

when driving through the smashed up cars, if i hit one of the props it doubles up