The admin system you want [ESX v1(final)]

Nice suggestions, working on it!

Roger that. :relieved:

We’re getting a nil value on a players character names, inventory management does not work us (remove and view), and offline players. We are using v1.1.0

This is a work in progress section.

Contact me on private to get support with it.

added vehicle to player too!

I have, no response from you

Release notes v1.2

  • Added identifier to player list
  • Added (global) heal button
  • Added (global) revive button
  • Added filter to player list & inventory items
  • Added give black money & weapons buttons
  • Added “Ban & Warnings” section to edit / remove bans or warns
  • Added localisation configuration.
  • Removed the “Offline players” section (maybe will be on future versions)


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how do i get the update pal

You have the updates at the same download link

Is there a option to search and edit offline players and also a ability to ban them? If there isnt this feature, it would be really cool and helpful.

Any chance of getting it in-game?

Probably on a future version it will be an in-game tool. I’m working on it.

I’m working on that feature, just wait and keep updated!

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hello what is the key to open the menu thank you to you

There’s no key to open any menu, this is an out-game admin panel.

OK and how to use please

why you ask here ? why no pm him instead of asking here ? did you use the leaked one ?

Hey bro :sunglasses:

  • Can you add a login page
  • Teleport all player to coord

Thank you :blush:

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When i press manage nothing happens at all

I will take a look of adding a login page

Contact me on private and I can help you

where do i message u at

A little more!

  • Add vehicle to player
  • Freeze player (For the little offenders)

Edit topic “Advance Admin” :laughing: hahah