That '70s Roleplay | 70s Based RP | Serious Roleplay | Custom Features (Notebook/Pay Phones, etc) with Active Development | Lots of Crime and Legal jobs | Grooviest GTA FiveM RP Server | All positions OPEN!

So happy I found this server. The community is awesome, the staff works their butt off. Truly a unique experience. I’m hooked. More people should check it out.

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Thanks for the kind words!!!

Patch 2.1 rollout begins today!

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Excited for this updatee this is a fantastic server

More big updates coming this week! Dont miss it!!

If you’re into real serious roleplay this is the server for you. On top of that, it’s the 70’s!
-Johnnie Santana

Thanks a lot for the feedback man!!!



Oh my god, this server is a true Duderock masterpiece, those Brouge Boys are something else, stellar RP, you should join the server and join them. You should.

Sephro you troll ;p

Great serious RP server! The RP is amazing especially the top notch Yakuza RP! Lots of activities and stuff to do in city. Everyone has been super friendly and awesome to interact with.

What are you waiting for? Please come and join the city/discord and enjoy a unique RP experience in the 1970’s!

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LevelX is making crazy moves again, great RP as usual, and the player count has been through the roof recently. JOIN UP RIGHT NOW

Find yourself in a different world. Immerse yourself in a different era.
We offer something different than all other FiveM servers!

We are still looking for mid-day NA / european players! Please let us know what you think!



Lost Santos Police Department is now hiring

Since its founding in 1769, the Los Santos Police Department has always been around to protect those around them. Making sure civilians are living their best life possible and making sure criminals are rightfully arrested for the crimes they commit. The Los Santos Police Department is famous for tackling crime in the most aggressive and unhinged way possible. This is through community outreach like stop and frisk, spectacular police chases, and liberal use of nightsticks and service revolvers.

Our Purpose?

Los Santos Police Department is committed to bringing safety into Los Santos and its surrounding areas, cleaning the streets from crime, and providing security for the citizens of San Andreas. We are a city organization of 50 deployed officers, ranging from patrolling officers to highly organized intelligence directors, our board possesses the best trained and most competent officers highly trained to bring order and reduce crime.

Best community and server, nothing but love <3

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HEY! Hey you, yeah you reading this. Come join this crazy family we have going on over here. We’re from all over the world and are a welcoming bunch of amazing characters, people and staff. what are you waiting for ?

Come make your mark! We are growing more and more every day!

We are still looking for mid-day NA / european players! Please let us know what you think!

Hornbills always pulls in a crowd! What are you waiting for? Come meet everyone!