That '70s Roleplay | 70s Based RP | Serious Roleplay | Custom Features (Notebook/Pay Phones, etc) with Active Development | Lots of Crime and Legal jobs | Grooviest GTA FiveM RP Server | All positions OPEN!

Calling all EU players!
Plenty of positions open!

the ERP in this server is top notch, best server ever! :kissing_heart:

Har har, very funny. :sweat_smile:

Seriously though, real characters, real stories - a different setting.
It makes you think outside the box and do something unique.

Give it a try!

Community meeting tonight!!!
Come listen to us talk about how passionate we are about this project!

So fun and so different. Best RP I have ever experienced. Hands down. Get down and get Groovy and join!

i wanna enter this servwer sooooo badd but it says connection failed hat can i do

You all good now brother?
Just make sure you have Discord open and you select the correct role in #select-your-games!

Content Patch Votes Are Up!

Join the discord to put in your vote for the next major patch!

Job Revamp
Prison Life
School Life

Do something good for yourself by taking a plane for yourself to this Groovy fun plane, you will feel healthier and be happier with your life!

for real

this server made me an icon, a living legend, 10/10 would troll again

Calling all Euro timezone players!!
We need you!
Police, Doctors, Mechanics, anything!


The 70s theme is strong, but its really the RP community that makes this place great.

Bro this server is mad good im TIC TAC FAMOUS check me out on the server’s tik tok!

Thanks for the feedback everyone!
Come on down and get groovy!

I am American but play on batman/euro time zone :slight_smile: if that still counts!

Yeah of course man!! That’s perfectly fine hahaha

Los Santos County Fire Department is Hiring!

We are LScoFD are proud to announce our hiring process is open. If you or anyone you know have ever wanted to be the person you see riding on the back of a Fire Engine, racing down the street to go toe to toe with a raging fire. Or, being apart of our rescue squad to remove civilians from crushed vehicles or prevent them from drowning. If that sounds like something you want to be apart of, we have an opportunity for you at LScoFD. Come down to one of our two stations in the city, Davis or El Rancho Blvd and meet with one of our firefighters to see if this career choice is for you.

I like the concept, might check it out later.