That '70s Roleplay | 70s Based RP | Serious Roleplay | Custom Features (Notebook/Pay Phones, etc) with Active Development | Lots of Crime and Legal jobs | Grooviest GTA FiveM RP Server | All positions OPEN!

With a successful Halloween coming to a close, and the supernatural RP behind us - we are back to business as usual! Come try something different today!

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Very good, very good, cant wait for snow. Server is def a 10/10, you gotta check it out.

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A great server! Come join for some fun, 8Ball Pool with your friends, Late night Bowling, even visit Sk8 World for some rollerblading!! Set in the 70s, come join in for the fun set in a retro style vibe. With great people and amazing RP, you will fit right in~ Plus Christmas is coming…who knows who will visit us then! :heart:


I’d like to personally thank everyone for joining the server in the last few days!
It’s been very hectic and busy!
Welcome to your DIFFERENT and ORIGINAL RP experience!
Welcome to the 70s!

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hey. hey dude! are you ready dude? are you ready for the 70s invasion? cause i know i am. i’ve been ready for ages now, so how about YOU join us, hop on in and let yourself be immersed in an original, super interactive server with great rp. from pd, to medical, to interactive stores, bowling, billiard and some brand new cars ! EU FOLKS UNITE !

Lost Santos Police Department is now hiring

Since its founding in 1769, the Los Santos Police Department has always been around to protect those around them. Making sure civilians are living their best life possible and making sure criminals are rightfully arrested for the crimes they commit. The Los Santos Police Department is famous for tackling crime in the most aggressive and unhinged way possible. This is through community outreach like stop and frisk, spectacular police chases, and liberal use of nightsticks and service revolvers.

Our Purpose?

Los Santos Police Department is committed to bringing safety into Los Santos and its surrounding areas, cleaning the streets from crime, and providing security for the citizens of San Andreas. We are a city organization of 50 deployed officers, ranging from patrolling officers to highly organized intelligence directors, our board possesses the best trained and most competent officers highly trained to bring order and reduce crime.

Looking for something different?
Try a different time period!

Backed with the best of the best character roleplayers, come try your new addiction baby!

Best Server Ever I came across!

Hey thanks so much for the feedback!

Come one come all, friends! Now’s the time to get your foot in the door!

Feeling extra groovy?
Always lots of spots open during the EU timezones and NA morning shift!
Come try something different, and see what all the fuss is about!

In a quiet, almost whispering shout Hey you… Yeah you! Are you ready? Are you ready for the DudeRock invasion?! It’s comin’ at you tomorrow…

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Escape to a groovy winter wonderland!
Come take a walk into the past with That 70s Roleplay!

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Snow? Check. Christmas vibes? Check. Brand new cars? Check. A whole new wardrobe coming in soon? Check. An immersive, amazing, fantastic RP experience with super talented people and an amazing staff that knows how to deal with many situations? Check. Do all of these mark a check on your check list, then get your butt in here and come hang out with us !

The server is expanding rapidly!
Come make your mark on the server today!