Thank You for all the help

Thank you all for the help

it’s a OpenIV package, so you need first to install it in your gta V, then search what it exactly changes in game files, take all the freshly changed files, put them in a resources/stream folder, add a empty __resources.lua to the resources folder, then it should work. Its long and borring but not impossible if you really want it.
also you can try to join the dev of this mod to get the extracted files, or atleast the files list and locations.

Good luck :wink:

… or just open it with 7-Zip/WinRAR/whatever tool you use.

i had opened it with winrar still no .metas did come with a .xml

ots a OIV package… you can’t share a OIV package server side -_-
@Big_Z it look like models replace, so no meta needed in this case.

so it should just stream?

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you have to extract .yft, .ytd, .ydd… from the .oiv file. for it you have to install it with openIV, i don’t know any other method to extract files from a .oiv file. The problem keep to search and find modified files in the game once installed. (oiv packages are like auto-install mods/files OpenIV compatible for GTA V)

so extract everything get the individual files and stream them like you would a car or ped?

yes it’s how i would do.

alright thanks for the help

no problem. I don’t try it with this california mod, but i make it for french signs, and to replace some props from cunning stunt races, it worked fine. So it should too for you

Worked great everything is working i appreciate the help didnt know it would be this simple

great! Glad to be helpful!

Could this work with this mod? I tried putting all the files in a folder in my resources folder but I crashed when joining the server. I heard there is a limit to file size, i think 16MB, none of my files exceeded the limit. Do I keep the metadata server side?

Well with that being an addon instead of a replacement i do believe your best bet is to follow the guide on that