TGIANN Megaphone(Vehicle&Normal) [PMA-Voice]


  • Easy config
  • Full optimize
  • Easy to use
  • ESX and QB compatible
  • Police vehicle megaphone
  • Megaphone items
  • Megaphone animation
  • Megaphone sound effect(Like a radio)
  • Adjustable sound distance level


  • ESX or QBCore
  • PMA-Voice

Config File

Editable Files

TGIANN | Megaphone [pma-voice] ( 5€
TGIANN Subscription Pack (All TGIANN Scripts 30€/Monthly)
TGIANN | Scripts (

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 200
Requirements Check Requirements
Support Yes



I do not show the sounds in the video because I tested it alone, but you can watch this video for other features

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how can i volume up voice for MegaPhone ? @TGIANN

Update 29.12.2022

  • Added volume and filters settings

hi do i use the megaphone from the car

press b in emergency vehicle

How can I take out the handheld speaker and what is the project name?

A Very Good script addon for PMA-Voice Love it!