TFRP 18+
Are you looking for a server that’s NOT pay to win? A server that CARES about its players with attentive staff and a skilled Developer? Where the community is driven by the player, where the roleplay is rich and serious with room for fun and growth. THEN LOOK NO FURTHER! The Frontier is the PLACE TO BE! Where the only limitations are your own. Fostering Mature Themes with the freedom to be what you want to be. Do you want to be a citizen working at a restaurant? You got it. Do you want to expand your criminal mind and try to outsmart the police? Come on over. Oh- wait… Do you want to STOP those criminal minds and try to put them behind bars? YEP! All jobs are hiring, come now and don’t miss out!!

  • Working DJ System
  • Player Owned Businesses in NEED OF YOU
  • Player run Car Dealer
  • Player run Strip Club
  • Drug Crafting
  • Blackmarket
  • No Whitelist
  • Football
  • Casino
  • Fire Script
  • DOJ, PD, FD, EMS hiring
    18+ The Frontier RP

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