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Vice Gaming Network is an established fully customized Texas Life with the potential for users to create Jobs/Businesses/ Gangs/ Government including fully functional 1300 member: Texas Department of Public Safety and Civilian Department. Harris County Sheriff and Houston PD are both under development.

The Texas DPS has a comprehensive vehicle structure and realistic rank hierarchy parallel to the real Texas Department of Public Safety. Additionally, to further increase your immersion, each department has custom peds (unreleased) .

We have custom textured maps, visuals, sounds, sirens, and other components that are included with your membership to further increase your immersive RP.

For Civilians we offer a comprehensive package of custom add-on vehicles , businesses, jobs, missions (including drugs) and supplemental content. We use an in-game MDT system which has a civilian side to create characters. All user information is stored on our proprietary internal database, no third-party software.

We have a host of scripts designed by in-house developers and newly acquired LSPDFR and Rage Plugin Devs who are working tirelessly to enhance the user experience.

We have also created a package to enhance our member’s gaming experience and offer Tier 1 technical support for our members. Custom sounds, sirens, maps, visuals, and other components included with your membership will increase your immersive RP.

If you are truly interested in joining an RP that has created a Band of Brothers… Head on over to our website: www.vicenetwork.com

*When on the website click GTA5, then create an enjin account where you can apply to the community. You will be accepted as soon as possible (usually an hour). Once the application has been accepted you will be able to do as you wish!

Come check out one of our testing servers to see some of our vehicles.

Join our discord: https://discord.gg/59U7vbc

Inquire on discord about further information from this post and receive priority processing.