Terrible @erver - ENVY RP

If you’re running in a gang, unless you wanna be a worker for the owner of the city, you wont get anywhere. Don’t expect to get an advantage over him without him throwing a hissy fit and probably will end in him banning you after that because hes a power hungry control freak. The staff also no clip and watch your private conversations. Instead of adding stuff to do in the city they say go to the apartments and watch something on the tv. All the reviews on here are staff too, so yeah, just don’t waste your time. If you don’t believe me, go to the discord and find someone from the city who streams and watch it and that alone will put you off. We got our first ban (a perma too) for something that didn’t even involve us, we weren’t in the city, hadn’t been in for a few days after they banned one of us for dropping a car from a heli when its not even against the rules.

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