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Hello, I am Tristian or otherwise know as Sschadboat, I am the Development Manager and also an Administrator for Terra Isles.

I wanted to share some insist on new things coming to Terra Isles in 2024

100% Custom Vehicle pack for San Andreas State Police with Staged three lighting, Traffic Advisors, and much more.

Our New Custom CAD/MDT system is currently in the works, with a ton of integration in game. (ALPRs, Live Unit Locations, Fully Linked Civilians in game, and many more planed features)

No Pictures yet.

We are also working on moving from ND_Core to QBCore at some point in 2024.

We are also currently have the following open for applications; San Andreas State Police, Communications Dispatchers, and Civilans. Want to know more? Check out our website and apply!

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Sheriff’s spotted!

Sheriff’s Outreach!

We’re Recruiting!

Go to https://www.TerraIsles.com and check out the opportunities available to you as a member!

Ultra-Realistic FiveM Roleplay Community!

Operation Easter 2024

Officers with City West Traffic & Highway Patrol and the Rescue & Bomb Disposal Unit assisting Ambulance San Andreas and Fire + Rescue San Andreas with a serious motor vehicle collision.