[TeamFrench ] Create a french team

Hello all sorry for my bad english, lots of people on this forum are french, i thinks create a french team for optimised the team dev. PM me

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I disagree.
I’m french too but I won’t vote for a separated community.

Look at it this way :

  • If you have a problem, everyone should be able to get access to it’s resolution
  • If you share something everyone should also be able to download it

It’s not that hard to speak in another language and sharing accross the world is better for the mods variety than only sharing with other fellow french.

Multi-language oriented teams are, in my opinion, the best thing you can have.


you can go on this

btw, i think this place IS and WILL stay the best place,

but i’m also thinking about the hundred of people who just don’t speak english or like me, who have a very little level in english and love FIVE M as much i love it.

Maybe you should be careful sharing the link of this forum…
Last time someone posted it, he was banned…

And I agree with @Leor, the point is to have a very large community and not split everyone. English is the international language so… No matter how old you are, at some point of your life you will need to be able to speak to someone who don’t speak the same language as you.

they have the liberty to ban me, yes.

But i’ve just tried to explain my point of view.
More, i can understand your point of view.

But, seriously this is knowledge.
It as been created for share.

I dont want split the community, i just search to regroop french peoplel

French people do not learn English at school?

It’s on a regional basis. I live near the german frontier, so i’ve learned german in school. French from south-west learned spanish, etc… (simplified explanation).

Cultural things, and the difference between sound frequencies, make english language more difficult to learn for a french. It’s not an excuse, but that’s explain ma y things :grinning:

no do not learn english in school juste learn code :wink: english learn french ? no …

Strange… on Portugal we learn English and German.

We have learned English since the first school year.

I think English is very important.
Is a very important language worldwide.
I know Portuguese, Spanish, English and a bit German.

IVe learned so much french since I got into this community, and I love it, always wanted to learn the language :slight_smile:

I have a frenchteam DEV so if you like PM me for link of discord

I get his idea, But if anything we need more english scripts, Do you know how much of a headache us english get why having to translate your scripts?

If anything, Make your french team, But be the french team that script in english, Please xD