Tace Realistic Roleplay| Hiring Staff, LEO Heads, EMS, and other department heads| Custom Scripts and EUP| Anyone Can be a cop!

Tace Realistic Roleplay (TRRP) is a realistic menu based server. We have many features, custom cars, Custom EUP, whitelisted and anyone can join police forces. We offer quite a few cars to everyone. We also have active owners, and we are very developed on suggestions, and so much more! We offer many things and very good RP. We are a very close community, almost feels like family! if you want the chance to experience this I suggest you join and apply for a high spot while they are still open!

The departments we have are:
More to come very soon, plus whitelisted gangs!

All departments are currently hiring.

We just opened and are looking for new members. If you want great RP and amazing people to meet, come join our discord at: Tace Roleplay