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Our Discord: Synchronized Roleplay (

About Us: We are a fairly new FiveM server (Est 2022) and just did a fresh wipe with all new custom scripts. we are looking to Attract People who value Serious Roleplay. We require every potential citizen to apply and go through a Whitelist process in order to Demonstrate their ability to come up with a unique background/origin story, and show basic understanding of serious roleplay. Our community is currently small but active and we are hoping to expand.

Our Goals:

Short Term:

Fully staff MRPD (Command positions available for those who are experienced in PD roleplay)

Fully Staff EMS (Command positions available for those who are experienced in EMS)

White listed/Player owned Businesses: Most are available for purchase/management also available (with experience)

Fully staff all of our Mechanic positions/locations.

Higher civilian population.

Additional server staff in non US time zones. (Discord Mods, Admins) All server staff applicants would go through an interview process with current server leadership.

Long Term:

Expand PD (Blaine County Sheriffs Office, San Andreas State Patrol) Command positions available with experience.

Add specialized PD Units (Detective Division, SWAT, Gang Unit, Narcotics, Intelligence)

Improve Car Scene (Currently have custom races and mechanic shops)


Luxury PDM Dealership with ability to buy imports directly from dealer for in game currency. (soon to be 2 different locations with more imports.)

Custom Boat/Yacht and Helicopter dealership.

Multiple appartments for new players to have access to a place to stay with stash.

Custom Police MDT/Dispatch system.

Multiple Criminal jobs/heists (Fleeca heist, store robberies, drug runs, Pacific Standard Heist.

Custom Crime system.

Multiple civilian jobs. Truck Driver, Taxi Driver, Miner, etc.

Player owned businesses/jobs: Vanilla Unicorn, Real Estate Agent, Multiple Restaurants/bars.

Car boosting with XP progression and vin scratching to own the cars you boost.

Ability to have multiple characters/cousins.

cars synch

if you have any questions or need assistance feel free to make a ticket in the discord.

Swing by and check it out!!



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