Sync Spawned Peds Across Multiple Clients

I’m spawning peds for players to kill. Works great on each client, players are getting their peds to kill. The problem comes when the server doesn’t sync the peds across all connected cleints. So client A spawns 5 peds, client B doesn’t spawn the same peds, which then makes player A look like they’re shooting into thin air. If a ped kills player A, all player B sees is what looks like player A using /kill. Or how about this conversation, which becomes typical amongst teams:

Player A: you have a ped hitting you.
Player B: Nothing near me except dead peds.
Player A: I don’t see any dead peds around you. Just killed the ped.
Player B: Stop shooting at me!

Doesn’t take much to figure out what happens next. I was thinking of creating a server event that clients use to send the spawned ped to the server, then a client event to add the ped that the server uses to send the ped to all other clients. Rather than going through all that, is there a better way to force the server to sync peds? Maybe some server event I can fire?


Make sure you’re creating the peds with the two boolean values set to true, false.

That worked. Thank you.

Not working anymore. With no changes to the code, peds are no longer synced to the clients. Thanks to the latest update, I’m hearing complaints about that again.

Anyone have a clue as to what to do?


Do you know some command or mod that can happen to help me spawnear peds to be able to put on the map to make clips?