🏩 Syn City RP | Rewarding Roleplay | Welcoming Player Base | Economy Balanced for Playability | Gameplay Designed To Make The Grind Fun And Rewarding. |


Discord: SynCity Roleplay


  • :womans_clothes: Custom Clothing and Hair for male and female
  • :girl: Extra/better Female character face’s
  • :loudspeaker: Mumble
  • :gun: Custom Heist’s and Raid’s
  • :racing_car: Over 300 Custom Vehicle’s
  • :speedboat: Ownable Boats
  • :airplane: Ownable Planes
  • :racing_car: Over 300 Custom Vehicle’s
  • :policeman: Whitelisted LEO/EMS
  • :oncoming_police_car:Whitelisted Gangs with Custom Gang Script
  • :briefcase: Custom whitelisted businesses
  • :man_factory_worker: Custom Job Center jobs
  • :secret: Lots of hidden locations
  • :arrow_heading_up: Weekly Updates with patch notes
  • :game_die: Casino with working game’s
  • :checkered_flag: Custom Racing Script and Racing business
  • :man_judge: Courthouse system
  • :shield: Custom Prison
  • :musical_score: Custom Music System
  • :spiral_notepad: Police CAD System (can write report’s & issue warrent’s)
  • :bank:Custom Police Armory
  • :house_with_garden: Custom interior’s (housing, warehouse’s,offices and hotels)
  • :couch_and_lamp: Custom interior decorating
  • :convenience_store: Player Owned Shops and Businesses
  • :fuelpump: Player Owned Gas Stations
  • :bar_chart: Status Bar’s (Hunger/Thirst/Stamina/Armor/Health)
  • :radio: Radio’s (walkie-talkie)
  • :safety_vest: Working Shooting Range
  • :computer: Multiple Drug USB’S
  • :wave: Loads of emotes
  • :oncoming_automobile: Custom vehicle control HUD
  • :mailbox: Inventory HUD for Trunk & Glovebox/Shop’s & Houses
  • :smoking: Custom drug script’s with TEN different drug’s

Regular Jobs:

  • :ambulance: Emergency Medical Services (EMS|EMT)
  • :airplane: Pilot
  • :bus: Bus Driver
  • :lock: G4S Security
  • :fish: Fishing
  • :bear: Hunting
  • :movie_camera: News Reporter
  • :hocho: Slaughterer
  • :fuelpump: Fueler
  • :wastebasket: Garbage Man
  • :e-mail: Postal Worker
  • :truck: Trucker

Whitelisted Jobs:

  • :police_car: LSPD / BCSD
  • :red_car: Car Dealer
  • :taxi: Taxi Co.
  • :wrench: Mechanic
  • :slot_machine: Casino Owner
  • :racing_car: Midnight Club
  • :houses: Real Estate
  • :movie_camera: Cinema Theater
  • :high_heel: Vanilla Unicorn
  • :coffee: Bean Machine Coffee house


  • :tractor: Drugs (Collect, produce, Process, Sell)
  • :pill: Different kinds of drugs
  • :pill: Drug Effects (Some have buffs)
  • :people_holding_hands: Gangs (Custom Hideouts, weapons, and clothing)
  • :department_store: Black Market
  • :convenience_store: Store Robberies
  • :bank: Bank Robberies (Hacking, Thermite, custom set up heists)
  • :convenience_store: House Robberies
  • :atm: ATM Robberies
  • :gem: Vangelico Robbery
  • :crown: Gold Heist
  • :articulated_lorry: Bank Truck Heist
  • :herb: Drug Heist
  • :dollar: Money Laundering


  • Friendly and welcoming community
  • Fair unbiased and responsive administration
  • Lots of available positions
  • Young server with an active player base

Discord: SynCity Roleplay










On the server i had one of the best experience so far and the devs are there if you have any problem at all to help you. So if you are searching for a good and welcomed server where you can make good memories its the right server for you :wink:


I’ve had a lot of fun interacting with everyone in this server and even the devs/admins are very well versed when it come to support and even role playing. The people running the businesses in the city are very customer friendly and are always willing to help newcomers.

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